My names Takoda Crawford , I’m 20 years old and I’m a Richmond based photographer, but above all a disciple of Christ . I love photographing people which is why I started shooting weddings and portraits. I started photography about a year 1/2 ago taking my friends senior portraits and it was just a really fun time so I began seeking out more shoots to do , starting off for free because I didn’t think of it professionally just starting out until mid 2017. Since then I’ve done weddings , engagement sessions , senior sessions , and a lot more portraits for various other reasons haha. One of my favorite things about it is seeing people’s reactions when I send them the photos and how happy they are with them , it gives me a lot of confidence that I can actually make this my career! This year I really wanna focus on making photography my full time job and really getting it off the ground. It can be scary and intimidating at times especially since it’s not a typical 9-5 , but I’m confident and hopeful because God has already opened so many doors for me ! I want to have a successful freelance business shooting weddings and portraits, but my dream is to work for a magazine or big clothing company and do fashion portraiture , either way it’s an amazing career and it gives me a lot of joy photographing people and making them look good when a lot of times that’s not how they feel on the inside. It’s great being able to build peoples confidence in that way and I love the feeling it gives me and my clients. Anywho I know I have a ways to grow but I’m excited to see where God takes me along this path ! Thanks for reading this Long post and looking forward to working with you 🙂